New Android phone/Galaxy S III - Buy now or wait for holiday season?

Currently, using WP 7.5 Samsung Focus and a Kindle Fire with CM10.

Planning to buy an additional Android phone on contract as a new line from AT&T for 4G. I really like HTC One X design and screen. But no SD card support and enclosed battery makes it a no-go for me. So next obvious choice is, Galaxy SIII. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of its design, screen and childish Touchwiz colors. But I like its power and I'd be more than happy to load CM10 within a month if it's available for the phone.

So, now the question. Should I go ahead and buy Galaxy SIII or wait for the holiday season for the possible release of the below devices?

- The next Nexus phone?

- Nokia Lumia WP8 device / Other WP8 devices

- iPhone 5 (it would be a very desperate move for me to go Apple)

I like Android and WP8 at equal footing and would prefer Android for its apps but if WP8 is really good, I'd not hesitate to buy a WP8 device.

I would really feel burnt if I buy S III now and Google/LG/Samsung/Asus release the next Nexus phone in November which trumps S III. Hate 2 year contracts but need to live with it. Cannot afford buying S III unlocked else would have done it already.

Anyone like me here with the same confusion?