What Happened at Chicago Comic Con ? - COSPLAY!

This past week in Chicago was Comic Con and frankly for as much fun as I had, I've had much better times at literally every other Con I've been to.

While dealers at this con are more likely to cut you a deal, the culture and spirit is certainly lacking. Now don't get me wrong, the con was still great and they made a lot of improvements (adding a bar, adding more booths to the floor and hosting an actual dance party on Saturday Night) there's still a lot to be asked. (Like can you guys please expand the space if you're plan is to just cram more stuff on the showroom.) To make matters worse the infamous pay to play meet and greets with current day and washed up celebs was a key feature this year. It's strange. Everyone I know hates this aspect of Wizard World and yet, the lines are wrapped around the conference. Personally I refuse to pay to meet celebs...especially when you can meet them for free at every other convention, but I guess as long as people will pay WW has no incentive to end this ridiculous taxation.

As with any con the highlight was truly those that attended, namely the cosplayers, as such I chose to focus my footage on these wonderful people as they were really made this con anything near a success.


P.S. On the plus side, I totally got recognized in the wild by a random girl dressed as a Pokemon Trainer. :)