A user agent profile leaked by TmoNews today suggests that T-Mobile may be in line to get a Windows Phone 8 handset from Samsung with model number SGH-T899 (Samsung's models for T-Mobile USA all end in "9"). The specs are in line with what you'd hope for an Apollo-class phone — a 720p display, mainly — but another detail should have T-Mobile customers excited: LTE is mentioned in the XML file, which suggests that T-Mobile is gearing up to launch its first hardware that'll be compatible with the next-generation network it plans to start launching commercially next year.

As TmoNews mentions, there's a good chance that this device is a variant of "Odyssey," a Windows Phone 8 model from Samsung that was leaked through the release of court documents in the Korean giant's ongoing clash with Apple. That leak pegged the Odyssey for a 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED — likely sourced directly from the Galaxy S III — along with an 8-megapixel camera, NFC support, and a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. Considering that Samsung probably won't be offering a serious upgrade to the S III's specs until next year, the Odyssey could look very attractive sitting on T-Mobile store shelves if it can hit retail later in 2012.