Has Nokia made a visible "dent" for Windows Phone?

I was inspired to make this postby Vlad's article today on Nokia being collateral damage from the MSFT/AAPL war. Speaking to your personal experience, and not what you see online. I'm talking about your friends, coworkers, family, and when you go out.

I'm an Android user at the moment (and I highly stress "at the moment" as I'm always on the lookout for the next OS that will suit my needs), and I tried Windows Phone 7.5 on an HTC Radar 4G. I didn't really like it, but realized that it would be perfect for my dad who was using a Blackberry Bold of some sort that my sister had given him as a hand me down. WP7.5 is a simple enough OS for anyone to use, and coming from Blackberry, it's miles ahead of the curve. However, outside of my Dad, one of my friends' dad (who got him the same phone via Windows Phone Challenge like me) and a buddy of mine who LOVES Microsoft, I don't know many people who use Windows Phone. I live and work in Chicago; my neighborhood is River North, and my office is located downtown in the Loop. I take public transportation and go out frequently all over Chicago. But the story is the same - everyone carries and uses an iPhone and some sort of an Android device. Rarely, and I mean RARELY do I ever see ANYONE using a Windows Phone. I was at dinner over the weekend in Chinatown, and I saw someone using a blue Lumia 900. That was probably the first time I've seen a Lumia of any sort "in the wild". Given that I see a huge population of young and generally affluent professionals on a daily basis, I've come to the conclusion that most people don't care about WP7.5. I can see Nokia getting bought out by MSFT in the next couple of years as people continue to flock to Android and iPhone, and Nokia no longer has a sustainable business as a wholly independent company.

Was Nokia wrong to put all of its eggs in the MSFT basket? The appeal of a quarterly "bonus" check from MSFT was high, but I still don't understand why Nokia didn't opt for both Android and Windows Phone, allowing the market to decide which OS they, the consumers, wanted. A Lumia 900 with a 720p screen, S4 processor and Android 4.0/4.1 would have made a very compelling choice for many, including myself. Sure, they would have had to compete with Samsung, but as HTC's recent performance has shown, the "top dog" may only stay on top for a short period of time before succumbing to a superior competitor (whether that was based on reality or just on good marketing).

What say you, Verge Faithful?