Double Robotics' Double wants to get your iPad out of the house and into the office, or classroom, or factory floor —anywhere, really. The $2,499 telepresence robot uses a pair of iPads: one sits in the self-balancing base, the other serves as a remote control. Double Robotics' app will let you control the robot — rolling it about and adjusting its height — while the iPads' front-facing cameras stream everything the robot sees, and allow you to interact with passersby. Telepresence robots aren't new — we met iRobot's iPad-controlled Ava prototype at CES, and Anybots has been selling their $10,000 QB robot for years — but the Double is competitively priced with shipments set to begin in December. If you pre-order now you'll pay a discounted price of $1,999 — iPads not included.