Steam and Ouya

This may have been mentioned previously, but as a new member I may have missed it!

As someone who hasn't touched a PC for gaming since warcraft 2 I have always wanted to experience steam on a console. Now it's obvious MS will never bring it to the XBOX right? far too much cash to be made from there expensive store. same with ps3.

I know the PS3 has a version of steam, I bought portal 2 excited at the prospect of it but it's a bit redundant as you can't buy all the valve back catalogue and there haven't been any other releases.

Has anyone heard anything about it being included on the Ouya? I'm hoping that, as a completely hackable console it should easily be supported.

too long have i heard of these elusive "steam sales" and wished I could get involved. Is steam even something i should be fawning over?

Now, it seems. A console gamers time may be coming....Thank you Ouya!