What do you want in the next iPhone?

Okay, so I have seen tons of photos of parts for the supposed new iPhone and part leaks are usually pretty accurate.

From what we have seen, there are some things that are almost-certain for the next iPhone:

  • 4-inch near-16:9 taller display - parts & news outlets confirmed (even Darlymple I think)
  • LTE - almost certain given the iPad 3's use of LTE
  • New unibody shell - from the parts
  • Faster Processor - every year this happens
  • Better Camera - again every year, but the 4S camera is awesome
  • More RAM - could be likely since this is a common upgrade

What I am wondering is what other features folks are thinking need to be in the next iPhone. Here is what I want:

  • Fingerprint Unlock - Apple's recent acquisition seems to indicate work on fingerprint over touch-screen technology. I want my slide-to-unlock to recognize my finger print and maybe one other fingerprint I tell it to recognize. I want the fingerprint to be required to decrypt the files on the phone as well.
  • NFC integration with Passbook - NFC seems to go great with the new iOS 6 "Passbook" feature. Though the industry has yet to standardize around a single mobile payment standard
Other than that, I cannot think of a whole lot that Apple needs to put in the next iPhone. I think mobile hardware and operating systems are maturing though and as such there are less features that we are clamoring for that require a hardware update. I think I am more interested in what Apple might do with their ecosystem of other products to enhance the iPhone experience (e.g.: an Airport Extreme with a built-in iCloud cache of my movies & music so I don't have to use iTunes on my computer to stream locally to Apple TV).

So I put it to The Verge community.... What features do you think Apple is or should be "on the Verge" of releasing with a new iPhone?