IE 10 directing to tablet/html5 compatible websites...

When I use an ipad or to lesser extent android tablet I find I am directed to a customized version by default for many websites where most of those do not work when using metro ie10 currently. Part of the problem too is there is not usually an obvious way to force yourself to go to the tablet optimized version ( for instance).

Will this just be a waiting game as websites slowly add in checks for the ie10 browser? I know recently pulse showed off their new tablet version but that is one of billions of websites out there. Curious if anybody has found any solutions yet or maybe even a directory of websites that are supported in ie10 (beyond pulse and youtube).

Specifically html5 video content is the important part to me as that supports the "play to" functionality to my tv. Really curious to see if live streaming video can be played through "play to" but have been unable to find anything that works in ie10. Tried the sky news app which has a live streaming component but it gave an error when I tried to send it to my xbox.