Why "Juicers" traffic is so low on The Verge

Look, we get it. Blackberry OS is outdated, and Mike Lazaridis pissed off alot of tech journalists a while back, and the Playbook didn't sell a million units in a minute like the iPad (and didn't launch well by ANYONE'S standards). We get it. RIM's corporate soap opera has left a bitter berry taste in the mouths of many in the tech world.

But why can't you let it go? Look, WebOS never took off, but you guys kept giving it good marks until the bitter end, not to mention Josh's bromance with Rubenstein. Nokia is losing billions, yet you keep praising Espoo and Elop (what a strange word combination).

Does RIM deserve positive press at this point? Absolutely not! Not even die-hard crackberry addicts will dispute that RIM has done very little to help their own cause. But that's the point; you're beating a dead horse. We all know how bad things are, so why do we need to keep being a punchline?

Thorsten Heins' abilities as CEO may remain to be seen, but let's be honest; he is paying for the sins of Lazaridis and Balsillie - the most heinous of those sins apparently being that they got on the bad side of the tech media.

The Verge has quickly become the standard for tech journalism, and there are no doubt many readers who just happen to use a Blackberry - just don't expect to see them very active in your forums.