Pippin Barr is responsible for the creation of quite a few wonderful games like Pongs and Epic Sax Game, but has also raised awareness about many other great independent titles. Barr's latest pick is VESPER.5, a game created by Michael Brough for a ritual-themed Super Friendship Club contest that requires the player to spend at least 100 days playing in order to beat it. While the game's premise is simple — explore the area and find the end — VESPER.5 has a catch: you can only take one step each day. In Brough's original game concept, you'd be forced to return to the beginning if you missed a day, but thankfully he decided that would be "cruel," and scrapped the mechanic. VESPER.5 is free and available now for download on both Mac and PC. If you start today, have the patience to play every day, and make no missteps, you can reach the end of the journey by late November.