What's Your Favorite Book of All Time?

Pretty self explanatory, what, in your opinion, is the best book ever written? You can also provide a short description of the book and the reason you like it.

My answer below:

I'm quite fond of books written in the late 1800s and early 1900s, meaning I'm in love with writers like <em>Huxley</em>, <em>Lewis Carrol</em>, </Ayn Rand>, Ray Bradbury (God Bless his soul)... etc. So I have to say that my favorite book is George Orwell's <em>1984</em>.

1984 is, basically, a story of a dystopian world in the future ruled by a dictatorship that doesn't just have their power over matter - yet power over minds. They basically are able to brainwash everyone in their country into believing whatever they want them to. I like it mainly because its just very deep and very intriguing; the way Orwell writes this book is amazing. The last part of the book will move you, and it will change your life forever.