Opinions on Sony VAIO Z series (2012)?

So I was looking for a portable laptop for school. I already have a 2010 Macbook Pro but it is somewhat heavy and I prefer something lighter since I will be carrying some textbooks and other things. (The Speck case for the MBP probably adds some to the weight too) Also, I travel to the local Starbucks and school library to study so I prefer something considerably lighter. (Note: This is for graduate school... not for regular college students)

While discussing some topics on The Verge, several people recommended me Sony VAIO Z series (mid-2012) which cost around $1600 to $2000 for the specs that I would be looking for.

It uses i5 or i7 but it's not the low-voltage CPU like what the new Ultrabooks use. There's only one good review online and not much other opinons on it. In terms of weight, it's even lighter than the Macbook Air which is impressive considering it will be housing a CPU that's a lot faster than the Air or any Intel ultrabook on the market. Display resolution numbers looks to be a little better than the Pro (non-retina) and Air. It's also 13 inches... enough screen real estate to view PDFs, videos and PowerPoints during study time or lecture.

Anyways, has anyone bought this and have been using it for a few weeks or a month?

Or have any opinions on it?

Thank you. (Btw, if you guys have other suggestions for Windows 7 portable laptops, let me know too. No Ultrabooks)