Submit your Crisis on Infinite Polygons Headers Here!

Yo guys! I think we've finally decided on going with Crisis on Infinite Polygons for our bi-weekly comics and animation thread (Sorry Ultimate lovers, Crisis just makes more sense and got more love). Now we just need a header for each thread, I've probably been really confusing in elobarting what we're going for, but well, something like this:


Resident community guru ShaunMcIlroy Here's a link to the photoshop version with all of the layers so you can use Shaun's logo for Vox Comics and the like: But, you guys can do whatever you like really, the comic book motif is cool, but not necessary. I'll probably pick images based on recommends anyway, but try to keep your images comics/anime/manga/cartoon related, okay guys?

You can make them in whatever I guess, but I think we'll go for images about this size, unless someone thinks we need different sized ones. I should have the first thread up tomorrow, so hopefully someone will get one finished, if not I'll just use an "Ultimate Polynauts" one.