? about Series 9 Trackpad

From afar, I've always like the Series 9. It's one of the sexiest laptops out there and in my opinion, much better looking than the air. I've read the reviews and the complaints about the trackpad, but I never really took them seriously.

I have a 2011 MBP and I really don't think that Trackpad is that good to begin with. I can only really use it for about 10 minutes, before my hand starts begging for a mouse.

Having said that, I went to a best buy and got to play a 15' Series 9 and the track-pad really really did suck. The material was fine, but the annoying thing was that in order to click, I had to press the track-pad at the very very bottom. I played with the settings a little bit, but to no avail. Two finger scrolling (at least in the start menu) did not work.

My question for those of you that have a Series 9 (starting from the first Core i Series Model), is whether or not this is normal or was my experience the product of a bad/abused floor model. (It seemed wayy too bad to be true)

Also include what Model your have.