The Best Video Game OST of 2012 is ...


Gravity Rush, by Kohei Tanaka.

I've been really getting into this OST for a few months, and I keep finding more and more fantastic songs. Looking ahead at the 2012 release schedule, I really don't see anything else that I think will top this one so I'm going to call it now.

Tanaka's been composing since the 80s, scoring for a ton of anime, movies and games along the way. Some highlights include Granstream Saga, Alundra 2, and Resonance of Fate.

Gravity Rush has the best theme song for a game in 2012.

Resistance and Extermination

All three of the city themes are fantastic.




There are several great slower songs as well.


Passing Moment





Kohei Tanaka really shows his depth with the 3 rift tracks. He manages to use a more aggressive, electronic style but it still blends perfectly with the jazz in the rest of the OST.

The Ruins Rift

The Inferno Rift

The Mirage Rift


The game also has several awesome battle, and boss themes.

Assault Cnida

Tactical Execution

Actual Crisis

Anyone else agree, or have any other contenders?

My picks for best OST this gen:

2012: Gravity Rush

2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2

2010: The 3rd Birthday / NieR (tie)

2009: Final Fantasy XIII

2008: Mirror's Edge

2007: Mass Effect