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Welcome to Polynauts Central. It's Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 which means Gamescom is underway. Remember to keep an eye on the Gamescom Story Stream, as well as the @Polygon Twitter feed throughout the day for up-to-date news.

Also, if you're into comics, manga and anime and want a nice organised place to talk about those, then head on over to Crisis on Infinite Polygons for chaosyoshimage's all-in-one thread.

So with all that, join me now and lets spend a few minutes going over the Gamescom news from yesterday.


1: Capcom reveals 'Remember Me,' a new action IP by Griffin McElroy

Remember Me is set in Neo-Paris in 2084, where citizens are equipped with the Sensation Engine, a piece of hardware which allows them to record and digitize the events they experience in real time. These recordings are built into profiles by the manufacturer, called Memoreyes. In Remember Me, you play as Nilin, a member of the "Errorists," who are trying to take down the corporation. She escapes from the city's Bastille, armed with the ability to access anyone's memories - she is, in the director's own words, a "memory hunter."

Click through here for a gameplay video.

2: 'Tearaway' is the new game from Media Molecule by Chris Plante

Certain characters and environmental set pieces react to the use of the Vita's touch screen, like drum skins that when tapped while launch Iota into the air. Jabbing the rear panel let's the play virtually reach into the game, knocking enemies out of the way. Tilting the Vita rolls enemies, while blowing the system creates a breeze in the game. The general idea being our world and Tearaway's world are bleeding into one another.

Click through for a gameplay video.

3: Sony announces Cross Buy: Buy a game on PS3, get Vita version for free by Michael McWhertor

PlayStation 3 owners who purchase SuperBot Entertainment's new mascot fighter PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale will also get the PlayStation Vita version at no additional cost, Sony announced today. The buy one, get one free deal is part of Sony's new Cross Buy initiative, which will soon extend to other games.

4: PlayStation Mobile bringing 'bite-sized games' to Vita and PlayStation Certified devices by Michael McWhertor

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan said at Sony's Gamescom press conference that PlayStation Mobile will offer games from major and indie developers through the company's PlayStation Store. Game purchases are tied to your PlayStation Network ID. Buy a PlayStation Mobile game once, Sony says, and play it on any PlayStation Certfiied Device and PS Vita.

5: Japan Studio announces 'Puppeteer,' a bizarre platformer by Chris Plante

The story is sort of a reverse Pinocchio, in which a boy is kidnapped from his home and turned into a puppet. His wooden form provides the boy powers, represented by new heads. For example, a scissor ability allows him to slice upwards through tapestries. The art design calls to mind the arts and crafts vibe of LittleBigPlanet.

6: 'Rain' coming to PlayStation Network by Russ Frushtick

Rain stars a small boy who, one day, becomes invisible. The only way he can be seen is by walking out into the rain, as raindrops coat his skin, giving him form. When not in the rain, the only indication he's present is in the rippling of puddles or the appearance of muddy footsteps.

7: Only the strong survive in 'Tokyo Jungle's' Gamescom trailer by Michael McWhertor

Thanks to the game's latest trailer, we feel assured that Tokyo Jungle is still on its way to the PS3. And we learn that the hyenas of Tokyo Jungle are no laughing matter, panda bears can find love amid total destruction, and ... hold on ... is that a dinosaur? It appears we'll play as and slaughter a wide variety of animals in PlayStation C.A.M.P.'s kill-or-be-killed action-adventure game.

Click through for a gameplay trailer featuring velociraptors, animals wearing hard hats, Bear Kings with dog servants and Panda sex.

8: 'Darksiders 2' review: into the light by Phil Kollar

Much of this accomplishment owes to Darksiders 2's fluid world design. Huge fields blend naturally into ruins and caves. This urges exploration and makes dungeons seems like part of the environment instead of arbitrarily separated areas. The lack of artificial barriers between the outside world and puzzle-filled interior locations makes the sheer number of dungeons in Darksiders 2 easier to handle.


1: Crisis on Infinite Polygons (The Comics and Animation Thread) Issue #1: There Came a Thread Unlike Any Other by chaosyoshimage

So, what's this thread about you may ask? Well, due to the crazy amounts of discussion that anime, comics, manga, and cartoons get in Polynauts Central we now have a dedicated thread for it. Last week's netted over 200 replies over the last few days, which isn't bad since we're just getting started (Now, if we were an actual comic that might be bad).

2: What game was the biggest waste of your money? by Sammael

For me it would have to be FFXIV. I never played FFXI, and I still had fond memories of past standalone FF games like ff4/6/7/8/9 so I thought "Hey, I should go all out and buy the collectors edition!" It was like I took a hundred dollar bill, and lit it on fire. Actually, no, at least if I did that I would only have been out of a bit of cash. Playing that game actually caused suffering on such a scale that I am still trying to beat back the feeling of nihilism the experience spawned in me. I remember clearly the sense of total disbelief that ANYONE could craft a game so terrible and release it to the public.

3: The Best Video Game OST of 2012 is ... by Shinta

Gravity Rush, by Kohei Tanaka.

I've been really getting into this OST for a few months, and I keep finding more and more fantastic songs. Looking ahead at the 2012 release schedule, I really don't see anything else that I think will top this one so I'm going to call it now. Tanaka's been composing since the 80s, scoring for a ton of anime, movies and games along the way. Some highlights include Granstream Saga, Alundra 2, and Resonance of Fate.

Gravity Rush has the best theme song for a game in 2012

4: The Death of Game Consoles? by Marcham93

Will game consoles be a thing of the past? There is a strong interest in the market that shows bulky game consoles may be a thing of early 21st century childhoods. Technology manufacturers like Sony and On LIVE have developed hardware to stream video games right to your living room. While Sony has chosen to stream games directly to your HDTV via built in applications, OnLIVE has developed a small hardware box that connects to your HDTV. Microsoft seems to also want to take the initiative on streaming games as show by a leaked Xbox 720 document. What are the advantages of Streaming Games and what are the disadvantages?

REMINDER: Polygon.com : Community Requests Thread by Shaun McIlroy

This is our "Official Polynauts" topic for Polygon.com requests, those which we've all made mention of in anticipation of the sites launch in 2012. I thought I'd collate them all here for the Polygon team to check back and see if the stars align with their overall plans, whatever they may be.


Ellis Hamburger, not related to this GIF, brings you the latest tech news in 90 Seconds on The Verge which covers the following:


Raised by bats from an early age, Gigawings took to fabricating his own wings in order to fit in with the rebellious bat youths.

However, as time went on, his superior wings bred jealousy and hatred among his peers, and led to a collection of Doublewings, clones of his style and appearance.

Fast-forward years later, and we find Gigawings enjoying a somewhat peaceful life... However, this will not last, as the Doublewings have tracked him down, and intend to copy him perfectly in order to eventually replace him.


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