Nokia and Microsoft's big moment of reckoning, the launch of Windows Phone 8, is drawing ever nearer and we're starting to see more purported leaks of what the eventual hardware will look like. After glimpsing a yellow prototype last week, today we're seeing the supposed front cover of a new 4.3-inch Nokia Windows Phone device — more specifically, a Windows Phone 8 handset, judging by the logo on its Start button. Both this and the earlier leak come out of China, a likely originator for leaks of this kind, although the original article detailing this image appears to have been pulled from CN Beta. We don't know whether that makes us believe in it more or less.

In any case, what's on display is a pretty minimalist front panel, with curved corners, space for a front-facing camera and earpiece, the usual trio of capacitive Windows Phone buttons, and a helpfully provided ruler across its diagonal. That tells us the screen size is 4.3 inches (11cm) and also that whatever device this panel attaches to won't have a unibody polycarbonate construction as we've seen in Nokia's top-end Lumia line. So maybe this will be the mid-ranger that goes with the yellow Lumia we recently saw. We should know for sure sometime next month.