It's no secret that HTC has struggled a bit in recent quarters — despite the excellent One X and One S, HTC's Q2 2012 profits were half of what they were the year before, and the company recently forecasted poor Q3 results, as well. In the wake of this turbulence, the Wall Street Journal has uncovered a memo sent to HTC's staff in which CEO Peter Chou admits that the company has "multiple areas" that need fixing. Additionally, Chou said that HTC's "fast growth from the last two years has slowed us down." Despite presenting a more unified product line in 2012 with the One series, it sounds like HTC's struggling with strategy, as Chou says that "we agreed to do something, but we either didn't do it, or executed it loosely."

As for what changes we might see, Chou said that HTC will continue to focus on its HTC One "franchised brand" and also plans to improve communication and avoid the pitfalls of bureaucracy. Chou said that HTC has "people in meeting[s] and talking all the time but without decision, strategic direction, or a sense of urgency." The memo wasn't all about HTC's issues, though — Chou tried to rally his troops by saying that HTC is "just having short-term problem" and that "we are still very strong and financially healthy. The most important thing is what we do to solve the problem." Chou's envisioning a return to the company's more nimble days, saying "please make sure we kill bureaucracy." Chou's memo closed on a high note, saying "we are coming back." While that comeback might not happen immediately, we'll be watching to see what HTC does in the coming quarters to reverse its fortunes.