In light of yesterday's launch of YouTube's new PlayStation 3 app, Wired has published a fascinating (if long) look into the past, present, and future of the service's Channels strategy. We all remember the old days of YouTube, looking at sleepy kittens and foxes on trampolines, but with over 500 million Channels the service is transforming into an outlet for consistent, high-quality series (full disclosure: our sister site, SB Nation, is a YouTube content partner). Google's $200 million investment back in May seems to have paid off — YouTube claims that the top ten channels supported by this deal average more than a million views per week.

Wired's piece also addresses what it sees as YouTube's biggest problems going forward. First, people have to know that Channels exist, what they have to offer, and start using them. Second, Channels need to be available and easily accessible on every device — smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming devices, and computers alike. For more on how YouTube plans to address these problems, take a look at the full article at the source link below.