Hi all,

The following query I've posted both in the android central, as well as in the xda developers forums, and still not much progress has been made, so I thought I'd try this here, maybe my fellow vergians would know something about this issue.

I have the one of those phones (the superb Nokia N9) that can work as a hotspot, but it only supports Wi.Fi adhoc (not wifi-direct/infraestructure). And I have a Nexus 7 that I want to tether to this phone.

Unfortunately, Android, as an OS, by design does not support connection to any adhoc hotspot out of the box, you have to first root and unlock your tablet (which I've successfully done), and then do some tweaking.

Problem is that all the different 'wpa_supplicant' files that I have tried in my several attempts don't seem to do the trick with the Nexus 7 (since they were tweaked for devices prior to this new tablet) and I was wondering if any of you guys has managed to have the Nexus 7 be able to sniff and connect to an adhoc wifi hotspot (i.e. the nexus 7 accessing the Internet using the 3G connection of your phone). If you can direct me to any webpage that specifically describes the procedure for the Nexus 7, I would be extremely grateful.

In advance, MANY thanks for any insight you can provide.