Need help in picking a Bluetooth mouse.


I live in Mumbai, India and own a Sony Vaio VCCB15FG notebook. I'm unhappy with its trackpad as it's a bit too sensitive for my tastes. I've had near nightmarish experiences with it just trying to maximize a window without accidentally shutting it. I've tried everything, from altering mouse settings to reinstalling drivers. Nothing seems to make my trackpad more usable. I've now decided to purchase a Bluetooth mouse so that I can get to tasks requiring some precision, such as video editing, which I was staying away from till now because my trackpad made it impossible to do them.

I have a budget of Rs. 1500, but if something good is within touching distance of this then I could persuade my Dad to let me stretch a little bit more. I searched online and found these models:

1. I've never heard of Forward before. Are they good?
2. I've heard of Verbatim and Amkette before, but only in relation to optical discs. How are they with mice?
3. I have a feeling warranty should matter a lot to me. Amkette and Logitech offer a 3yr warranty. Forward and Verbatim only offer it for 1yr.
4. Not that it's a deal-breaker, but my notebook is black with a bluish tinge and I don't want my mouse to look out of odds in comparison. The Logitech one not only looks the prettiest, but seems like matching the notebook the most too.

Which one would you recommend? Is there any model (slightly above Rs. 1500 is still acceptable) that you'd suggest instead? Right now I'm leaning heavily toward the Logitech. Please help!