Razer has announced the DeathStalker Ultimate, a gaming keyboard equipped with a 4-inch integrated touchpad that doubles as an auxiliary LCD display. The peripheral was announced at Gamescom 2012, and it'll cost $249.99 when it ships in September. You'll likely note that the gaming peripheral bears a striking resemblance to the Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic branded keyboard — the design is identical, and while the DeathStalker lacks a cheery color palette and strips of LED lighting, it bears the same 10 customizable LCD keys and integrated touchpad.

The DeathStalker Ultimate joins a long line of keyboards with integrated LCD displays — the most recent addition being Mad Catz's Strike 7. But Razer is attempting to build out a selection of touchscreen apps with its Switchblade UI, coupling its ability to display critical character and game data with tools to take screenshots or check email and browse YouTube while you game. We got an early glimpse of the Switchblade UI on a keyboard with the Razer Blade laptop where it proved to be a so-so touchpad, but promised to make for an awesome independent peripheral — it isn't quite there yet, but putting it on a keyboard remains a step in the right direction. If the $250 price tag doesn't give you pause, the DeathStalker Ultimate will begin shipping in September. A $79.99 variant is available for the rest of us, but it scraps the auxiliary display in favor of a traditional number pad, and offers fewer backlighting options.