Dissapointed with Win8 Enterprise RTM

So I downloaded the 90 day Win8 Enterprise Evaluation and I have to say I am disappointed with the tutorial.

The tutorial literally tells you to move your mouse to a corner nothing else there needs to be more to that.

I would include things such as

  1. Difference between Desktop and Modern UI for starters
  2. How to launch the Desktop
  3. How to use the Windows Key and other Keyboard shortcuts
  4. Explain how Search works in Win8
  5. Explain the difference between Modern and Desktop apps
  6. Snap View and Multitasking

There is much more. Win8 is a big change it needs a better tutorial or a lot of people will get frustrated especially if they don't have someone like me that will walk them through on how to use the OS.

Come on MS make a better tutorial for the average Joe.

.. Everything else works great :) Apps are more polished defiantly nicer than RP