What will it take for you to switch to Windows Phone 8?

My Bias

I will admit that I feel more at home with the Windows Tribe. While I absolutely believe consumer electronics have greatly benefited from Apple's contributions, and even has indirectly contributed to Microsoft's recent awesomeness, I still find this Apple leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps it was those douchey Mac vs. PC commercials, and the opinions that were spoken as a fact by some Apple fans. Whatever the cause, I do like to see Apple bobbing in the waves of failure every once in a while (Antennagate). But in the end, I do wish Appl's greater success, because I know competition is good, and Apple's competition has been fantastic for us all; I certainly don't think we would be seeing the beautiful interface of Windows Phone 8 if it weren't for Apple.

Where I'm Coming From

So now that I have admitted my tinge of bias in favor of Microsoft and mild disgust for Apple, I will go on to say that I am typing this on an Apple keyboard. I use an iPhone 4 for work (by choice). I own an iPad 2 (will probably own a Surface RT on day one). I have an HP laptop, and a self built Windows desktop. I make my living from selling both enterprise and consumer oriented software available on iPad, iPhone, and Android. I have actually discouraged our company from supporting Windows Phone 7/8 at this time, even though for my personal phone I use a Nokia Lumia 800, previously an HTC Arrive, and without cell service a Samsung Focus (while using an HTC Diamond running WM 6.5 with service). Ultimately I realize that there is not yet enough support to justify the development expense, but really hope someday soon I will see trends that allow me to recommend otherwise. But that's not going to happen until people have a reason to ditch their iOS or Android devices to make the move to Windows Phone, or new smartphone owners see Windows Phone as more compelling. Yet I come here to pose my question, because I know iFans are incredibly loyal, and I think that if Microsoft can get interest amongst Apple's Core, then the other holdouts will start to fall.

The Question

So a long, overly wordy lead up to my question: You, representatives of Apple's customers, what's it going to take for Microsoft to lure your clutching hands from the Apple to pick up Windows Phone 8?