Ok, I'm done with the SG Note (and the 5+" form factor)

Bought a Note when it was first available and used it as my primary phone (I have a Verizon line with unlimited data I kept active, and put the Note on Straight Talk, had an IP4 on VZ...

Anyway about 2 months ago, I noticed my thumbs and hands were painful (I wear a size 7.5 glove-average to large hands, I guess) Noticed my right thumb hurt more when I was using the phone.

2 weeks ago I got an SIII off craigslist,put it on VZ, and have used it as my primary phone, and my thumbs and hands no longer hurt. I suspect the stretching to attempt to use the Note one handed was doing it, the thing is too big to use with one hand, and too small for me to use with 2 hands.

Am I the only one with this problem? I love the screen size, but it's just wrong for me to actually use (am a heavy mobile user, and typically burned through my battery easily by 2-3 pm every day)


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