A recent update to the Google Play app for Android has a few surprises inside, namely: images and code that suggests that Google will be adding gift cards and wishlists to the service. Android Police began the process of digging into the code, which includes graphics and links for redeeming gift cards and maintaining a "Google Play balance." Assuming the code goes into production, it will be an important step towards reaching feature parity with the iTunes Store — though parity on the amount of content available to purchase in the first place is still quite a ways off. Nevertheless, the rebranding from Android Market to Google Play and the recent content push associated with the launch of the Nexus 7 show that Google is getting serious about offering content online — and gift cards will be an essential part of that equation.

The "Wishlist" feature is probably less important to those goals, but should be useful for Android users. Anything sold in Google Play can reportedly be added to a Wishlist for purchase later. There's no word when (or if) these features might launch, but the preponderance of images and code within the Android app makes it look like a lock that they will.