Can't figure out how to use few apps in the same time in Win8


I downloaded RTM version of Windows 8 just to play with it and Im having problems with "multitasking". For example, how can I use few metro apps in the same time? Thats my usual setup:


The only "multitasking" i was able to find in win 8 was 2 apps in the same time that doesn't really help because I cant even divide the screen equally (half web/half movie) so the movie is super tiny. I now I can do that in "desktop mode" but the whole idea of win8 are metro apps and everyone is talking about desktop as a legacy mode and even microsoft expects future apps to be metro-only.

My question is, am I doing something wrong? How can I use metro IE (half a screen), metro chat or skype (1/4th of the screen) and watch a movie(1/4th)? Or how can I use webbrowser and word document?