First impressions from an "anti-MS" person. Also, any way to change default search engine in Internet Explorer in Windows 8 (Modern UI)

Hey Tribe,

We may not be the best of friends, but I still want to give Windows 8 a try. So I've installed it and, for now, I have actually been loving it. Despite being called a Google and Apple "fanboy" for not liking Windows Phone, I actually love Windows 8 and am very close to switching from OS X Mountain Lion, as long as nothing goes terribly wrong.

The problem, for a while, with Windows is that there was never a modern UI. Even with Windows 7, if you downloaded and used lots of applications/programs, there would be no defined, fluid and universal UI, which is unlike OS X where there seems to be a streamlined idea of what the UI should look like. And this was always a massive problem with 7 for me, which made it feel like a skin on XP. But Metro/Modern actually makes me love Microsoft's UI again. And it works great and, despite my bad first first impressions of the Consumer Preview, I feel this could be awesome, as soon as people get used to it, especially because of the tiny design choices from MS, little goodies, such as the colour changing background when installing, or just some little details that all feel complete. Anyhow, on with my problem so far.

I've been having a very serious problem with IE in Metro/Modern, andI thought I might try IE for Metro while I wait for Google to make a nice version of Chrome for Metro (I love Chrome sync, sorry! and also some web apps which are exclusive to Chrome).

But I've been trying IE in the meantime. And, sadly, to my surprise, I haven't been able to find a way to change the default search engine.

Update: As Firefly7475 and arch3r pointed out (thank you both!). you can get it by switching to desktop IE, going to this place, installing it, and then logging out or making IE Metro reset. Then you get Google. It'd be nicer if Microsoft would make this easier, but at least it's possible, so I guess it's fine.

Has anyone found a way to change it from Bing? Disagree or agree with me, I find Bing to be terrible for any searches I make, with it almost always finding irrelevant, or US-oriented (I'm from Australia) results.

So is there any way to change the default search engine in IE Metro, or is Microsoft truly acting in this insane anti-competitive way, instead of making Bing default and giving the user a choice to switch. Are they really taking advantage of the fact that they have such a large PC userbase, which will likely (in a smaller way then 7, but still eventually) switch to Windows 8? I just find it unfair that they think that, just because Google is beating them, that it's okay to act so abruptly.

Also, any news on Google Chat in the Messaging app on 8 too? Or Skype?

Thanks, and don't go too hard on me Tribe. I agree with most of you, and I just like good tech. I'm not a fanboy.