The iPhone Effect

Listening to the Verge Mobile Show this week I almost yelled into my earbuds as they discussed the dire situation going on at T-Mobile. Last quarter T-Mobile lost 200k+ post-paid customers while AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint all gained post-paid customers. Lets think critically for a second, what do those three carriers have that T-Mobile doesn't? Hmm, they all have high end Android devices, they all 3G+ networks, and they all are priced about the same. Couldn't be the iPhone, it just couldn't because iOS is so boring. Its not as if the iPhone is the top selling device on all three networks in the US that its on. Not as if just under half of Verizon's smartphone sales last quarter were the 3G iPhone despite the 2 year LTE push done by the network. Nope, the iPhone is old hat, thus theres no way that not having the iPhone is the reason for T-Mobile's worries.