windows 7 Boot camp failure (DRIVERS)

My College requires me to have Windows 7 installed because they have almost no support on OS X, so today I installed Windows 7 with Boot Camp. When I was setting up the boot camp I had to remove the option "Install windows updates and drivers" since I only have internet at my college at the moment (just moved into a new appartment) At the time I did not think much about this.

When Windows 7 was installed and ready to launch I noticed that the touchpad is really bad, I can´t right-click and I have no internet in windows 7 (missing Network adapter driver) - the OS X part is still working perfectly.

How can I download these drivers? I don´t know much about these drivers so it´s kinda hard for me to google, or at least I didnt manage to find any solutions.

I have a Macbook air 13" (2012 edition)

Running Mountain Lion as primary OS.

any tips on how I can fix this problem?

Thanks a lot for any reply!

(I don´t have any CD´s that has these drivers)