Apple Might Introduce A New Wallet System Which Is Super Secure Because Noone Can Actually Make A Payment Through It Unless Scanning And Matching Their Fingerprints.

Apple has paid $350million for biometric security firm AuthenTec, potentially hinting at new fingerprint or iris-recognition features in forthcoming products.

but if one imagines what materialistic achievement can apple pull of with authentec it is very clear that apple are trying to have the most secure mobile wallet ever.

the problem with e-wallets so far is that they are either little secure and annoying because you have to punch in your password for every payment.

Or pretty insecure because they are automated.

apple is trying to have a wallet system which is super secure "because it doesnot make payments unless fingerprints are scanned."
at the same time super simple."because user donot have to type anything or search for an app"
the user simply syipes his fingers on the biometric sensor on iphone while near to payment machine...and payment is made in a complete frictionless way.