Things I wish android would take from symbian

I know symbian lost but trying to use my One X as my daily driver certain things are driving me nuts

1. Home Screen Space

Why on a 184 ppi 4" homescreen can I get more onto than on my 4.7" 312 ppi screen.

Symbian works off of a 4X6 grid and a toolbar on the bottom with 3 shortcuts expandalble to 5. i have a total of 29 spaces to work with.

Sense works off of a 4X4 grid with a toolbar on bottom with 5 spots. I have a total of 21 spaces to work with.

With such a big screen I should be able to fit at least a 5X7 grid with no issues at all.

Or better yet learn from Maemo, you could put any shortcut or widget on any pixel you wanted. The n900 had a grid of 800X480, not 4X4. That was 2009.

2. Home Screens wrapping

Why do you hit a wall on each side? Why not have it wrap around, its inefficient to stop and not wrap. Forgive me if this is a sense thing.

3. Pages in the app tray???

Why is the app tray in pages and not just a scrollable list, like windows phone, symbian, meego, etc... its so much faster. Pages make it choppy and not smooth. Get rid of the pages and let me scroll through.

4. Tool bars on top

Android screens keep getting bigger, my hands to not. Reaching up to the top of the screen to use the toolbar takes 2 hands or a really uncomfortable stretch of the thumb, keep it on bottom.

5. Deleting apps

This should be able to be done right in the app tray and not in a menu.

6. 2 tool bars everywhere

Why do in so many apps do I get a top and bottom bar, I know I said 4.7" is big but its still a phone with a small screen. Make one toolbar, have it on bottom and give me my screen back. Just because I got a bigger screen doesn't mean I want to waste it. This isn't a TV. I even get annoyed with to many toolbars on my laptop and thats 15". I don't want that many bars on a 4-5" device for sure.

7. faster information

Android is supposed to be the power user or geek platform but I keep running into things that are pretty or efficient. I'm glad that things look nicer on android than symbian, really I am, but I want my information and I don't want to screw around to get it.

I keep hearing about flipboard holy crap that is a waste of time, yeah its pretty and cool, but I go to news site to get news and not waste time with flashy graphics. Same thing with pulse. I know these are apps not core android experiences but I have found that all over the place.

Maybe some of these are sense things and not native android things, and I hope so for vanilla sake. I keep hearing how bad symbian is and how unusable it is. Right now its a lot more efficient to get things done on my symbian phones than on my androids. Yeah there are more apps on android, and its prettier. But it takes longer to do things. I wasn't expecting that when I came over. I was expecting the opposite.