Do you experience e-reader guilt?

I don't know how to put this eloquently so I'll just say it:

Do you sometimes feel like an e-reader/ecosystem slut?

The reason I'm asking is because up until recently I was convinced I was an "Amazon / Kindle"-only user. Back then I made my decision that Amazon was the system I wanted to be married to for the rest of my days 'til death do us part. Amen.

Enter the Nexus 7.

Now, with Laura's excellent initiative (should we now refer to her as The Verge's 'reading mode-Oprah'? ), I decided to get a copy of "Ubik" using my $25 free credit I got for the Google Play store when getting my N7, so of course, I purchased the book via Google Books and all.

Also, since I'm a Spanish native speaker, I decided to read the book in both English and Spanish simultaneously: so I'll read one chapter in English first, and then I'll immediately switch 'books' (and platforms, since the Spanish electronic edition was only available within the Barnes & Noble ecosystem) and read that same chapter in Spanish. Yes, I'm pitiful like that, mind you.

So I now had to install Nook's Android app in my N7 and purchased the book through them too (the Spanish version).

As if that weren't bad enough, not only I'll be switching platforms within the same device, but I'll be 'device-hopping' between my Nexus 7, my android Phone, my Laptop at home and my desktop at work (don't tell my boss). So I now have all 3 ecosystems installed in all of my devices so I can pick up where I left of whenever the need arises at whichever device I happen to be using at the moment. A long way from my faithful 'only-amazon-and-just-with-my-kindle' days, wouldn't you say?

So, all this has caused the e-reading whore syndrome in me. Am I alone in experiencing this syndrome? Are there any others out there having this same guilt like me? Are there any anonymous support groups for e-reader whores in recovery?

Hi, my name is 'Rdelfin' and I'm an ereader-slut.