Audio issue persists in w8 RTM

So today I installed Windows 8 Enterprise 90 day trial on My MacBook Pro via a Bootcamp partition. All has went well and Windows 8 looks as beautiful as ever. That said, I had an issue with the RP that caused HTML 5 audio in Metro IE to be paused when I would leave the App to go read twitter via a twitter app or the weather. This issue still persists. I find it very odd either MS does not you stream HTML 5 audio in the background from the browser while doing other things which I can actually do on my iPad. Is there a Hack I can use to turn background streaming on? I was seriously hoping this would be fixed or implemented in the final build but its not and its upsetting. I personally enjoy Metro IE much more than desktop IE. Please tell me their is a hack or work around. I've googled it but came up empty