A la carte TV?

There’s a reason why TV channels aren’t “a la carte” of whatever these people call it.

Say you pay $40 for TV channel bundle. The one or two channels that headline the bundle probably cost the majority of the price. Probably something crazy like $30-33. $33 for two channels doesn’t sound very good does it? Don’t think for a second that all TV channels cost the same to the cable provider to air.

In order to add the perception of value those channels are bundled in with less costly channels, or ones that you don’t want to watch. So if you really want a la carte TV channels get used to the idea of paying through the nose for each channel and good channels being basically like HBO.

Don’t think that just because it might turn a la carte you’re going to get a better deal, or the providers will let go of some of their profit. All a la carte means is that you’ll be paying pretty much the same but this time you’ll only see the channels you directly subscribe to, maybe shave off a few dollars but not much.

Rubber Duck