IE 10, so good it feels ODD

I abandoned IE since the days of Firefox 1.x, and Firefox has been my default browser since then. I like it because it was always faster and compatible with the vast majority of the sites, it also did not get spyware as easily and I absolutely hated ActiveX issues as well. In fact, I only used IE to download Firefox. But this time I wanted to give it a try to IE again and boy I'm amazed. First thing I did as with every other Firefox installation was look for Ad-Blocker, to my surprise I found that IE has an ad-blocker embedded and you just add your favorite filtering list. This may be an old feature but I never used IE enough to realize it was there. I also love how fast everything feels specially HTML5 sites, which fly at Adobe Flash speeds, in general I'm very impressed by all features. And feels kind of odd now to click the "e" icon instead of my beloved orange fox. The only gripe I've is that it does not work well with this editor, my post will be all cramped I know so forgive me, if you have tips to make it work allright with this editor please share.