Windows 8 makes Macs cheaper.

I noticed something this morning.

A work colleague was asking me for laptop buying advice. After the usual full disclosures of fanboyism and shareholding, I outlined the pros and cons of a MacBook Air. In the past, I've included "if you need to run Windows, you're going to have to add around $250 for a Windows 7 license" (these have always been horribly expensive in Australia compared to elsewhere). But now, it's "if you need to run Windows, add $40 for a license for Windows 8 which will be available in a few weeks".

Now I understand why MS has dropped their price. It's been a barrier to upgraders (new buyers typically get the newest OS pre-loaded), and they're desperate to gain market penetration in a time when they're rapidly losing mind-share. But this is potentially a bit of an own-goal as it also reduces the price barrier for consumers considering moving to Mac.