iCloud Photostream, a year later.

When Apple announced iCloud's Photostream, it sounded like a great idea, and is some cases, it is. The ability for your devices to automatically upload any pictures you took to the cloud, and having the cloud pushes them automatically to your other devices sound great. It's very convenient, and you don't have to think about it. I use it, and it's great seeing the pictures I took with my iPhone are "magically" there on iPhoto on my iMac.

But a year later, I see that I have a ton of useless pictures on my photostream, ranging of out-of-focus pictures, accidental pictures, and many random pictures I took just to remind me of something, but I wouldn't need them being propagated to the cloud and all my devices. My photostream has turned into a clusterf***k of randomness. Sure, I can go into it from iPhoto and delete the ones I don't want, but at this point, it is a huge hassle. Sure I can reset my photostream, but that is not a solution moving forward.

I might end up turning it off now. I love the automatic upload, and sometimes it can be useful when you forgot that you took some pictures, but the all or nothing solution can backfire too. What do you guys think about Photostream now? Do you still use it?