Modern APPs + Desktop

I've been reading a few posts ppl are saying Metro APP's are useless in a desktop environment and I would like to share my take on how I use my Metro APP's to make my desktop experience better.

1. Getting your day right. I love being able to boot up my computer and I can see a few things happening without even opening an APP. From news to weather to stocks to just little pieces of information which gives you a good understanding on whats going on in the world.

2. Use SNAP View. SNAP view is awesome I mostly use it for

- Email. I hate how using traditional Outlook can take at least 50% of your screen real estate. Instead of having Outlook opened and hogging up space just snap your Mail app and your good to

- Twitter I like to snap Twitter on the side when I'm watching a live event while communication on a game forum. It brings the best of both worlds twitter updates and forum updates on a small screen. Great for laptops

- Calendar need to quickly add something just snap it add it and continue

Metro App's in a desktop environment should be used for small easy fun tasks its also neat that in the future we will have apps like Instagram and other popular apps on our PC.

Adding that type of functionality gives PC users the best of both worlds.

- Efficiency of a smart device

- Power of the desktop

So for us Windows 8 users that's a win.

I just wanted to share my view points on how I use Metro Apps to enhance my desktop experience. It's a great addition you just need to find ways to use it.

If anybody else cares to share please do.