With Windows 8 now fully cooked and prepared for shipping, Microsoft is turning its attention to enlightening us on some of the more granular details of how the new operating system works, such as search. It's posted a preview of its Windows 8 Bing app this week, where it walks us through the typical process of carrying out a search. Suggested search terms pop up almost as soon as you start typing your query, and they're apparently highly sensitive to current news trends, with a search start of "Ry" bringing up suggestions about Ryan Lochte, the US Olympic gold medal winner.

More notably, the results are laid out in a horizontally scrollable grid, making for big, finger-friendly targets that don't require great precision to tap on. Also making use of the Windows 8 Snap facility, the Bing results list can be pushed off to the side, where it transforms into a vertical arrangement, allowing you to view the full website related to each result in the center. It works very much like email clients that stack up your messages to one side and keep the middle clear to interact with them one at a time. Check out a breakdown of these features in Microsoft's preview video.