Prequels for free [sort of]

I've been eyeing Playstation Plus for a little while now and may well capiltulate and commit (commitulate?) with the 25% off price drop that's due in a few weeks. Therein lies the promise of decent discounts all over the shop, as well as the promise of free games. Now I realise that free is 'free' and there is a subscription involved, but there's an interesting model for companies locked away within the substructure.

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See, what's taken me of late has been games with sequels due, wherein the previous title in the series has been loaded onto Playstation Plus for subscribers to download. This has happened recently with Darksiders, Dead Space 2 is up at the mo and Borderlands has recently been added.


The majority of the sales curve for those titles have more or less finished. Most have done what they set out to achieve, have had budget re-releases and, other than the odd nudge here and there in further store discounts and sales, have near enough flatlined.

Yet here lies a taster for those folks who haven't picked the game up previously, to get a flavour for what's coming in the sequel and to get excited; to dive into press and previews and see what's due for the next title .. and potentially to get an order in where one might not ordinarily have been forthcoming.

Furthermore, if anyone played the game ages back, perhaps sold or traded it, the ability to dive back in again and enjoy things all over again. Perhaps those folks are already excited for the sequel and plain want to sharpen their thumbsticks ready for the battle to come.

Then comes the inevitable word of mouth and hype builds further.


It's just a shame that this model is purely available to Sony's side of the fence, as it could have equal benefits for Xbox owners as well. Do XboxLiveGold subscribers think this should already be the case, given the subscription fee, or else would you pay a little bit more if such an option was available?


Are there any upcoming releases you'd like to see this happen with? I'd say Bioshock a few months ahead of Infinite would be a wonderful move. Thoughts?