I hate to say this about W8 ecosystem but.....

I'm really excited about Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 RT tablets etc. But, lately, I've been absolutely disappointed with the failure of WP7. I mean, I love WP, and I feel it's a lot better than Android and iOS, but looking at it's market-share, I still doubt WP8 will prove to be a storm rather than a quiet fail like WP7. It's not that I despise their quality, I feel that it should be adopted effectively by the mass crowd as well.
I am equally apprehended about Windows 8. The constantly increasing rants about the 'disastrous' UI make it seem like another Vista, which spells doomsday for MS. And again, I like Windows 8 a lot, but unfortunately, I don't lie in the majority.

We all know WP8 and Win8 will stack up well (in terms of quality) as compared to their opponents' counterparts (Android/iOS, Linux/OSX). But it's the quantity I'm worried about at the moment. And we know we are not blessed with the invention of crystal ball right now. But, do you think they will succeed? Will WP8 will get considerable amount of market-share? Will Win8 be adopted vastly by the Win users? Will the Surface tablets beat iPad?
Roll out your predictions. :)