Following the release of an update for its high-end Xperia S, Sony is updating the Xperia P to Android 4.0. The update for the well-received mid-range smartphone will bring all the benefits of Ice Cream Sandwich, including resizable widgets; a new task switcher; and updates to Gmail, Calendar, and other core apps. Sony has also updated its Android application suite, with the Music (now called Walkman), Movies, and Gallery apps receiving visual and functional updates.

Other additions include an improved lockscreen and an "extended standby mode" that Sony says can increase the standby life of the Xperia P four-fold. The update will start rolling out today, before "continuing over the next few weeks in markets globally." You'll get a notification to let you know when the update is ready for download, but Sony notes that although many devices will receive the new OS over-the-air, some devices may need to tether to a PC or Mac to update through companion software.