Buying a non touch/tablet/hybrid for Windows 8 is dumb.

I don't want to make this blog post an other "Metro sucks on the desktop" issue. Instead, I want to focus on what hardware are we going to be purchasing in the short and mid term.

It's got to be clear by now that Windows 8 is meant for touch devices, it is usable for a desktop system with some nice features like sniping metro apps, metro apps per-see, performance increases and much refined Explorer.

However, as most reviews you find on internet state, it is meant to be touch OS that works with mouse and keyboard.

As Microsoft it self has stated:

"In 2009, desktops were 44% of the worldwide market and laptops were 56%. Just 3 years later, over 61% of the PCs sold are laptops and the trend is accelerating—this is globally, measuring all Windows PCs sold. Among consumers in the United States buying a PC this year, more than 76% will purchase laptops—the absolute number of all US desktops sold will be fewer than the number of tablets in 2012! That is a fairly stunning change in the role of different form factors. Even in businesses, laptops are now purchased more than half the time."

It is clear that the desktop is no longer a priority and mobile is here to rule the PC world, and coming from the blog post about the Windows 8 user experience (where they tried to justify the existence of metro), I take this as a "I'm sorry desktop users, you are a small minority now you are not our priority" and I get it, but given that today's portables are basically mobile desktop system (in which many still like to use proper mouse and keyboards) I will add those to the desktop users as well.

Metro is clearly the big feature of Windows 8 and metro screams touch screen, from The touch centric Music app (which I think is the worst for keyboard and mouse BTW) to most games on the store, everything in Metro works better with touch input often at the expense of keyboard and mouse convenience.

This is why I can't recommend anyone to buy a new system today, nor upgrade existing systems running Windows 7 to 8, unless is people like us that just can't stand been left behind on any upgrade cycle :P or we start seen some better peripherals to help make the Windows 8 experience more passable for the non-touch device.

Why is Microsoft recommending people to upgrade is beyond me, well actually there is a simple reason, more headcount to attract developers, the type of thing that frustrate people and make them hate Micro$oft.