Stop worrying about Nokia

I know many of the articles about Nokia seem dire, and many of the talking tech heads wax apocalyptic about windows phone and the devastating losses to Nokia in both marketshare and sales, but they are blowing air.

Nothing matters until Apollo hits and the REAL nokia hardware arrives. Everything before that point is essentially a warm up because windows phone 7 and the hardware restrictions cage nokia. This has confused many talking tech into thinking the former master was crippled.. but... Apollo is coming and with it...



(looks like youtube was scrubbed of this clip, so this will have to do)

The iron in the blood for Nokia is a higher res screen, the first pureview window phone device, in addition with that superior audio recording quality.

The phone will be a techies DREAM so much so that they will forgive the relative lack of apps. And these techies are important, winning their mindshare is the gold standard, they are like a gadget nexus with scores of relatives and friends following their suggestions.

So stop worrying about Nokia... unless nothing moves after apollo.