iPhone hardware customization


About 3 months ago I started to change the look of my iPhone.
I found out there is a huge variety of hardware customization available for the iPhone from Homebuttons, backplattes, displays to frames. Every part in dozens of colors.

The first time I changed my frame to black, so my iPhone was fully black.
The whole process of taking the iPhone apart and reassembling it was quite fun, also a bit scary, because there was no guaranty that it will work again.
I kept this black iPhone for a while.

A week later, I made a full mirror iPhone for a friend and a orange iPhone for my brother. Both liked it, I had some practise and after 2-3 times it was quite easy and it took me about 20-30 min to change the display and backplate.
One thing i have learned, this parts are not nearly the same quality that the iPhone is made of and that could lead sometimes to a problem.

Thats my iPhone at the moment
Blue Frame, black front and back
LED Apple Logo (display on = LED on)


What do you think ? Have you done something like this yourself ?
How does your iPhone look like ?

Sorry for my english, it is not my main language.