Why the iPad will fail

The Ipad is a great tablet that has lots of potential, but it has a variety of shortcomings that are going to prevent it from achieving mainstream success. It can't do some fundamental things that people want and need.

First, the UI is old and tired, a relic from 5 years ago that has been dusted off and nothing else. A grid of icons with a tray at the bottom? Come on, Apple... get it together! How could they be so shortsighted?

Then we get to multitasking... IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT. On a huge screen like that, it makes NO SENSE that there is an OS-level limitation that says no, you CAN'T use more than one app at a time. You only NEED one, and if you want to use two, buy another ipad or switch between the apps. Apple is living in a single-task past!

That brings us to that ridiculous resolution. Apple has stacked the resolution so high on the iPad that it is extremely overdone. It makes no sense to have such a high resolution display when the old iPad had an excellent display to begin with, and ALL the processing power of the new iPad is dedicated to running that stupid resolution. How about keeping the old display, which was great, and doing something useful instead of just needlessly adding pixels??? Or maybe, just maybe... there is room for more than ONE TABLET in the market, and the stupid 'WHY RT IS GONNA FAIL LOL' posts are getting a little tired.

Since everyone is struggling with this... the post is meant to be satirical I think the iPad is a great device, and it has lots of merits. I don't believe it's perfect. The point is, WinRT isn't perfect, but it will succeed. With all of the problems we could come up with that the iPad had when it released, it is now the most successful tablet on earth BY FAR. WinRT isn't perfect, but it will be successful as well. I, for one, am picking up an RT tablet as soon as I can. I just hope all the posts about how terrible it is before we even get to handle a tablet stops.