Announcing: Vergecraft Realms


I am pleased to announce Vergecraft Realms: the next chapter in The Verge's Minecraft experience.

After the community overwhelmingly voted in favor of a server reset -- with exactly 75% of respondents voting "yes" -- we have decided to start fresh with a new suite of plugins and server rules. It's hard to believe how much incredible stuff people have contributed since the original world launched back in March -- including an insane Mega-Pyramid, a cruel and unusual dungeon, and too many player projects to count. To Vergecraft's veterans: we salute you.

Here's what the reset means for new and existing players.

1. All players will start from scratch

To keep things fair given the new rules (more on that soon), everyone will get a completley fresh start in Vergecraft Realms. No items, experience, or creations belonging to existing characters will be transferred to the new world from the old. The upside is that you've got a completley fresh world to exploit -- so lace up your best Diamond Rush boots and get ready.

2. Survival mode

Vergecraft will remain a survival-based server.

3. New Rules: Factions


Vergecraft Realms will utilize Factions: a plugin system that allows players to form official groups, claim and protect territory, create alliances with other groups, or wage war against them. This makes the server both cooperative and competitive: players who are not in a neutral (peaceful) faction will be allowed to openly do battle with other players. Players that do not wish to fight others may join neutral factions that are prevented to attack, or be attacked, by others. Only members of a faction may build and destroy in that faction's territory.


With Factions, the old definition of "griefing" no longer applies to structures: players will responsible for protecting their own territory by claiming land and building their structures within safe areas. Players that build outside of claimed territory do so at their own risk.


Non-neutral players can attack and kill one another, unless they are members of the same faction, or if their factions are allied.

4. New Verge City

To protect new players in the world, and to provide a space for community interaction, the server moderators are creating "New Verge City." The city will host a number of communal features, including a subway system, a regional rail hub that extends beyond the city limits, a multiverse portal hub, public player housing, monuments, parks, factories, arenas, and other attractions. The city's master plan will be preserved and managed by the server operators, and players will be required to venture outside of the gates to build their own structures. However, major server factions will get the opportunity to build "guild halls" within the city limits.

5. Multiverse

Vergecraft Realms will feature one primary world, but will have portals to other "instances" for special purposes. For example, the official "Hunger Games" world will be accessible via a portal in New Verge City. Other dungeons and events may also be accessible via Multiverse. Access to the old Vergecraft world will not be provided, to prevent server fragmentation (please note that we will provide the original world as a download to players that wish to keep their creations).

6. Dynamic server map

We will have one!

More to come

We have no specific launch date yet, but will fill you in with more news and information as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned!

Bonus... sneak peek at New Verge City!