My friend and I just made a Google Chrome app. Could we have some feedback?

Hello Army,

This is a Google post more than a Android post, but I think it should go in this section.

Anyhow, my friend and I just finished our Google Chrome webapp for the WebStore and, seeing as I love discussing other people's products on the forums, i thought it'd be cool to get some feedback on our app.

It's called WordFlow and it's basically a distraction-free text-editor. So you don't have options, fonts, font-sizes or colours, or any way to be distracted. You just write. Then, when you're done, it can save as a txt file, so you can save it to Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox or anything else. And when you want, you can load a txt file too.

But it's not perfect. We plan on adding some basic markdown, but there are other problems too.

So, army, can you give us some feedback? It costs $2, but you can see the basic look and feel of it at our website:

or in this YouTube video:

Thanks guys, and mods, if this is spam, feel free to delete it. But I really would like to see if anyone could help us out, seeing as it's just 2 teenagers behind this app.