Growing up Geek


Hey tech minded individuals, quick question. I'm a high school-aged tech enthusiast living in a not techie Los Angeles. (LA isn't really a hub of technology and there are rarely any tech journalistic possessions available.) More of a person interested in writing about tech rather than a developer. (Hey Mr. Topolsky!) I wouldn't really call myself a social outcast, as I have very good friends whom I hang out with. I'm between an extrovert and introvert and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being the latter, as explained by this great TED talk. Though, my IRL friends are not very tech minded. Though last week a friend of mind was able to recognize my HP Veer as "like a Palm Pre."

I have great Twitter friends, meeting my best through The Verge forums, that I talk and muse about tech with. But unfortunately, that is done via the interwebs. It would be nice, if I had an actual person in real life that I could talk about my interests with.

Now, on to the point of this forum post. I'm curious 'bout you guys and gals. You all obviously like tech, as you read The Verge. What was growing up techie/geeky like, specifically when you were younger? (Shout out to any Verge editors with stories!) I would assume in the present day that it would be easier to be geeky as there is stuff like Twitter and forums to find like minded individuals, but in the past where social media barely existed it must have been harder to find similarly minded people.